A loaf for each of you!

A loaf for each of you!

Once when there was a famine, a kind, rich Baker sent for twenty of the poorest children in the town and said to them: ” In this basket, there is a loaf for each of you. Take it and come back to me every day at this hour till God sends us better times.” The hungry children constantly quarreled over the bread because each wished to have the largest loaf. At last, they went away without even thanking the Good Samaritan. But Gretchen, a poorly dressed little girl, did not quarrel or struggle with the rest but remained standing quietly. When the ill-behaved children had left, she took the smallest loaf, which alone was left in the basket, kissed the gentleman’s hand went home. The next day, the children were as ill-behaved as before, and again, poor timid Gretchen received a loaf scarcely half the size of the one she got the first day. When she went home, and her mother cut the loaf, new shining pieces of silver fell out of it! Her mother was very alarmed and said, ” Take the money back to the good Samaritan at once, for it must have been accidentally gotten into the bread. Be quick, Gretchen, be quick. “But when the little girl gave the rich man her mother’s message, he said, “No, no, my child, it was no mistake; I had the silver pieces put into the smallest loaf to reward you. Always be as contented, kind, and thankful as you are now. Go home now, and tell your mother the money is yours.” 

-Author unknown

What a life-long lesson! I put it this way: Inside the small loaf is wealth! Inside the small loaf is long life, Great favor/ fortune.

No wonder Charles Lamb said,” my motto is to be content with little, yet wishing for more.”

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