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Although he was born in a family that was God fearing, he faced troubles since he chose something that attracted him, instead of praying and being humble. Strengths: He followed [...]
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The only woman to whom God has changed the name as mentioned in the Bible. Waited upon God’s promise for years. Even though her faith wasn’t strong in the early [...]
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Hagar always tried to run away from her problems instead of facing them with the help of God. Even when others kept troubling her God led her with His grace. [...]
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He is a puzzle. All of a sudden he appears in the Bible in a small part. He was a king of Salem who was also the priest of Most [...]
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The first man to whom God changed the name was Abraham. God changed Abram which means “exalted father” to Abraham which means “father of a multitude.” The same God changes [...]
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Though he was surrounded by sins, evil, and indiscipline, he chose to live a righteous life. He lived a life setting an example for faith and obedience. Strengths: 1. The [...]
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The man who walked with God for three hundred years. The first man to be taken by God. Strengths: 1. Had an encounter with God at the age of 65 [...]
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The first man to be born on earth. The First murderer. Strengths: He offered sacrifice as per his parents’ advice.  He requested God to save him from his enemies and [...]
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The second human to be born on earth. The first man to obey God, to offer a sacrifice that was pleasing to God, and died as a blood witness. The [...]
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Eve was the last creations of God. She was the first woman in the world. Mother of all living beings. She had no childhood, mother, father, relatives, etc., She got [...]
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