The Silent Pen!

The Silent Pen!

Scripture: James 3:1-12

Harry Truman, the former president of the United States of America, followed a discipline. Any letter written by him in anger will be kept on his table for 24 hours before being sent. Once he calms down, he will send the letter if he still feels the same about the issue. At the end of his life’s journey, he had a drawer full of unsent letters.

We live in an era where we can reach out to people on the other end within seconds through technology. We could save ourselves from great regrets if we handle our situations with wisdom and self-control and take just 24 minutes before reacting. James, in his letter, reveals the worldwide truth about the tongue. He says that no human can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. (James 3:8). 

We know that we are against the will of God when we say fussy words or something in anger. We should remember to keep our tongues, pens, computer keyboards, and mobile keypads under God’s will. We should remind ourselves that our words can break a person.

When we desire to make people see the distinct godly characters in us, we should be aware of keeping our tongues in control. When we honor God with our spoken or unspoken words, others cannot resist noticing them.

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  1. Doris

    So true! There have been countless times that I had to put aside sending a message and prayed over what my response would be.


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