How is a miracle possible?

How is a miracle possible?

Scripture: Joshua 3; Luke 1:37; Matthew 17:20.

(Please read the above scripture passage before you read this devotion to allow God to speak to you).

Even today, people deny the fact that God can do miracles. Sometimes, even we doubt and question if this is possible with God (Genesis 18:11-14). How come Israelites crossed the river Jordan? What should we do for God to perform miracles in our lives?

Give God the glory He deserves (verses 3-5):

God is holy, and we should also be holy as His followers (verse 5). A 2000 cubit gap between the Ark of the Lord and His people was allowed. Why? (Exodus 19:10-13). Even when God lived amongst His people, they were cautious about giving him glory and reverence.

Take steps in faith (verses 6-16):

The priests acted in faith. As soon as their feet touched the water of the river (not before touching the water), God acted. He made a way so the people could cross the river. Even today, God works through His faithful servants (Acts 2:14-40). For God to perform His miracles, we should begin with taking a step in faith.

Keep your faith until God finishes His work (verses 17,18):

Until everyone crossed the river (Exodus 14), the priests stood in the middle of the river. Whatever we do in haste will only bring confusion. When God works, it’s not just about the beginning but also the end. What stands as a massive mountain in front of you today? Bring it to God.

Loving Father,

No matter what comes as Jordan in my life, You can make a way amidst it. Please give me the grace to act in that faith. Amen.


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