Ruth – found a way to live!

Ruth – found a way to live!

Scripture: Ruth 3

When society says that a widow has no new life, we read that Ruth finds a new life. What did she do for that?

She was obedient (v.1-7): 

Naomi instructed Ruth to wash, anoint herself, put on her best garment, and go down to the threshing floor. We read in verse 6 that she went to Boaz’s field with all preparations (Matthew 25:1-13) and did according to all that her mother-in-law instructed her. Moses built the Ark of the Covenant as per God’s instructions. The servants at the wedding of Cana did everything according to Jesus’ instruction. We see that there is indeed a blessing when we obey His instructions (Deuteronomy 28:1-14).

She acted upon it (v.7-11):

Ruth did not just say that she would obey Naomi and stay at home (Matthew 21:28-31). Instead, she went to Boaz’s field and followed Naomi’s instructions. She received his appreciation. Jesus will reward us in His second coming according to our deeds. Today is a day to act upon. Only those who act upon God’s word will receive appreciation. Those who spend their days lazily will perish and not receive eternal life.

She received help (v.12-18):

Although Boaz was a close relative, another person was a much more immediate relative than Boaz. So he could not accept Ruth entirely without permission (Deuteronomy 25:5-10). And he promises to marry Ruth if that person doesn’t marry her. Through Naomi, we know that Boaz will keep his promises no matter what. He sends Ruth with six ephahs of barley and sends her. Remember, our God never sends us empty!

Getting counseling from an older person regarding life’s important decisions is best.

Dear Father,

I thank You for the plan You have for my life. Amen!

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