Faith comes from interrogation

Today’s verse: Matthew 11: 10
“For this is he of whom it is written:
‘Behold, I send My messenger before Your face,
Who will prepare Your way before You.’

Scripture: Matthew 11: 1-19

Are loneliness and troubles that we face shaking our faith? Doubt is like a rock that blocks faith. John the Baptist who was imprisoned because of pinpointing Herod the King’s sin gave rise to doubt on Jesus. But immediately he directed the question to Jesus(verse 3). Jesus helped to strengthen his faith.

Jesus who answers (verse 1-6):

Jesus’ answer assures that more than multiple preachings the testified life that we live will strengthen one’s faith (verses 4,5). In verse 6 Jesus blesses them with a reprimand. God doesn’t work as per our plans. If our questions develop doubts, it will make us feel depressed. We can live in peace if we have faith that whatever God has planned for His children is for good.

Jesus who appreciates (verse 7-11):

Jesus’ words about John the Baptist (verse 7-11) are worthier. Jesus said those words to encourage John and to strengthen his faith. But He did not do it in front of John the Baptist’s disciple. Instead, He said all those words after they left. The human tendency to praise a person in front. But Jesus does the opposite. This is an example for us. Gossiping is wrong and true love will never allow us to gossip.

Jesus who understands (verse 17-19):

Jesus who understands the feelings of people never chose to highlight the hurtful words spoke against Him. Even if people speak against a man of God, he will be rewarded by God if he works according to the vision God has given him. Today we see a lot of ministries having their own visions and missions. Ultimately all of them should work towards harvesting souls for Jesus. We can know what we are doing is right or wrong by seeing the end. This is what Jesus advises in verse 19.

Examine yourself how your questions are increasing your faith.

Help me to not lose faith in You. Amen.