Sing to God – Part 2

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Today’s verse: Psalm 68:35

O God, You are more awesome than Your holy places. The God of Israel is He who gives strength and power to His people. Blessed be God!

Scripture: Psalm 68: 19-35

There is a saying in Tamil which is translated in English as God created all the creations for mankind and He created mankind to worship Him. We should stop seeking God only for receiving blessings from Him and start worshipping God as it is our duty to do so.

He loads us with benefits and salvation (verse 19 – 23):

Although these people worshipped other gods and betrayed the Most High God, He punished them but did not destroy them. Just like the Israelites who saw the bronze serpent were saved (Numbers 21:1-11), He saves those who look unto Him. In this passage, we see that He saves us from three important situations:
1. From difficulties and anxious situations (verse 19).
2. From death (verse 20).
3. From slavery (verse 23).
He destroys our enemies for our salvation. Is it not a benefit for us?

He makes us rejoice (verse 24-28):

All these days the ark of God wasn’t at Jerusalem. But now David made it possible to bring it to the city of David in Jerusalem. As soon as the people of Israel saw a place to keep the ark of God, they all started rejoicing. In great joy, they started to dance and sing praises to God with all musical instruments (2 Samuel 6:1-15). We can see the same joy in the people of Israel when the foundation was laid for the temple of Jerusalem which was destroyed (Ezra 3). Today God we make us rejoice equally for the sufferings we have gone through. Let us not give up!

He is a powerful God (verse 29-35):

People from countries like Egypt, Ethiopia started bringing offerings for God. Because His power and strength are known even amongst the gentiles. God makes His power and strength seen and experienced by people all around the world (Psalm 29). His excellence is over Israel and His strength is in the clouds. He is a powerful God!

God loves our praises when it comes from our heart rather than lips.

Dear God,
Fill me with the grace to praise you from the bottom of my heart and not just from lips. Amen!

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