Sing to God – Part 1

Today’s verse: Psalm 68: 4

Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Extol Him who rides on the clouds, By His name YAH, And rejoice before Him. 

Scripture: Psalm 68: 1-18

This Psalm is considered to be sung when David along with thirty thousand men brought the ark of God to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:12-19). 2 Samuel 6: 5 says that David and the thirty thousand men with him sang praises and played all the instruments for God as they were carrying the ark of God to Jerusalem.

He makes the righteous rejoice (verse 1-4):

The ark of God is a symbol of victory for the Israelites. So when this ark of God is carried to Jerusalem, the righteous rejoice. Because they feel as if God HImself dwells with them when the ark is with them. This frightens the enemies (1 Samuel 4:4-8). The second coming of Jesus Christ also frightens some people. What kind of feeling do you have when you think of the second coming? Remember, the righteous will rejoice.

He does good for the helpless (verse 5-10):

Even when society forgets to help the helpless, orphans, and widows, God never fails to help them. 

1. He defends them (verse 5)

2. He sets the solitary in families (verse 6)

3. He confirms His inheritance (verse 9)

4. He provides them (verse 10) 

As we all know, Jesus did good wherever He went. In the same way, we are also called to do good wherever we go.

He encourages the women (verse 12,13):

Those were the days when there was no equality between men and women. Yet this passage speaks about women and their actions. The Israelites warred with their enemies and brought their spoil. The women divide it and give it to them equally. Also, they decorate themselves with the silver that they brought. Don’t forget to decorate yourself, not just outwardly but also inward!

He dwells in the mountains (verse 14-18):

The only pride of Jerusalem is that the Lord dwells there forever (Deuteronomy 11:10-12). It is said that the mountain of Bashan is jealous of Jerusalem. Today if God dwells in our hearts for sure we will be lifted high!

Remember to make time to praise God for all that He has done in your lives.

Dear God,
Thank You for Your mighty works. Amen.