FAITH – Before and After!

FAITH – Before and After!

                What happens to our faith when we face a challenging situation? I read about an incident in Jamaica where a group of robbers entered a house and tried to rob some expensive things. The father of the house, while trying to save his family and the expensive stuff from the robbers, lost his 18-year-old daughter by a gunshot. I thought for a while about the question mentioned above! The incident said that the father went to Church the next day, just like he used to go to Church every Sunday. He was filled with sadness and turmoil. But even in that situation, he sought God’s help. The faith that he had in God before led him. He knew that God would continue to lead him.

               I reflected upon my life when I read this incident. I have gone through early pregnancy losses twice. The first time I had to go through this, I was alone, far away from my parents; I felt like even my husband did not understand my pain. It shattered me, and I was emotionally broken. And exactly after a year, when I had overcome the trauma, the same thing repeated. When we learned I was pregnant, my husband and I were overjoyed and expecting to hold a baby in our hands in the next few months. But again, it didn’t happen. We were devastated yet again and didn’t allow anybody to meet us. We just closed our house, hugged each other, and cried loudly. I still remember that day like it happened yesterday, although we moved to a different place after that incident. 

                A few days ago, I went through my daily journal, where I had journaled about this devastating day. And read this verse that I had written “The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” (Job 1:21). I had also written all the promises that God gave me and mentioned that ‘I know God, these promises are still alive in You.’ I compared my life before and after this incident. Did my faith change after facing a challenge? Not at all.

                 Just like how David did not fear to confess to God what bothered his heart, we don’t have to fear God to admit to Him what we feel and how we feel. I realized that I took strength from God to overcome that situation. And God listened to me and gave me the strength to continue my journey. I see Him still listening to every prayer of mine, consoling me, and holding me every single day. So with the same faith, I continue to submit every supplication to Him. He is the same God yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He never changes. So should our faith!


  1. Bharathi N

    Your words always encourage me
    To reflect on everything I do
    Thank you so much for always guiding me through ur words and testimony

    • Pearlin ArulDhas

      God bless you!


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