A special birth!

A special birth!

Scripture: Isaiah 7:10-15

We read about many male children’s birth in the Bible. The first birth after creation was Cain. Isaac was Israel’s hope. Samuel was an answer to a mother’s prayer. All these people were significant. They all were expected with joy and hope. All their births were described similarly in the Bible. We read that the mother became pregnant and gave birth to a son (Gen 4:1; Gen 21:2,3; 1 Sam 1:20).

Let us see about yet another male child’s birth. This child’s birth is described beautifully in the Bible. I would say we don’t have enough words to describe the birth of Jesus Christ. We are informed that He will be born in Bethlehem by the prophet Micah in Micah 5:2. In Isaiah 7:14, we read that His mother would be a virgin. Also, in Isaiah 53, we read that He will come to save the world from sin. 

In the New Testament, the information and meaning of His name are given (Matthew 1:21). We see the prophecies being fulfilled in Matthew 2:6. By now, we know that Mary and Joseph are a part of God’s plan.

The birth of Jesus Christ is the greatest of all. His birth changed the world. It can change our lives too. Let us celebrate Him today and forever.

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