Who is a wise man?

Today’s verse: Matthew 7:24
…whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock.

Scripture: Matthew 7:15-29

The world calls a man wise when he has the knowledge or experience to make good and sensible decisions and judgments. But in today’s passage, we read what a man should do to be known as a wise man by God. (Make sure to read the scripture portion before reading this)

The one who rationalizes (verse 15-20):

We cannot know the quality of a fruit by the outward appearance of a tree. Its quality is known when the season to bear fruits arrives. A tree that does not bear fruit will be cast out and put into the fire (John 15: 2-6). In the same way, the false prophets who uses the Word of God with wrong intentions are compared to ravenous wolves. We can recognize if their teachings are right or wrong by the way they lead their lives. Not only in the olden days but even today, there are many false prophets. The one who is able to find them and stay away from them is considered a wise man.

The one who does as per God’s will (verse 21-23):

It is not how hard we ministered, it is how truly we ministered that matters. There is power in the name of Jesus. Even those who did not follow Jesus did miracles in the name of Jesus. Not just uttering His name in our mouths, God loves those who understand His will and walk according to it. Those who do not follow God’s will are named the wicked (Proverbs 20:11). The one who does as per God’s will is considered a true man, a wise man.

The who stands firm (verse 24-29):

Two different houses are built and it rains on both the houses. Same action, same scenario but how come the results are different?  Because one man was wise and the other one was foolish. One man obeyed the instructions but the other man did not. Listening to the word of God is important but it is more important to obey it. The one whose life is built on the foundation of Christ is considered wise.

We need to seek knowledge and understanding from God rather than from the world.

Forgive me for my foolish ways and help to be a wise man/woman. Amen!