What type of soil are you?

Today’s verse: Matthew 13:23

“But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

Scripture: Matthew 13: 1-23

Even after listening to the word of God many do not repent. Why is that so? Jesus answers this question. The four types of land refer to four types of heart that receive the Word. Today let’s see how our heart should be in order to receive the Word.

The seed should implant:

When the seed is sowed on the land, it should be implanted inside the soil. If it stays on the topmost layer of the soil, birds will take it away. This means the soil should be open to receive and seed and implant. In the same way, when we listen to the word of God, our hearts should be open to receive and implant the Word in our hearts. A hardened heart or a heart with a lot of own philosophies will not accept the Word. Hence the word will not get implanted.

The seed should be rooted:

Although soil is found on the topmost layer, since rocks are spread out beneath, the seed couldn’t take root deeper. The seed was sown. Even the plant showed up. But there was no enough space for the seed to grow inside. If we don’t allow the Word of God to grow inside us, although we receive it with joy, we will stumble when we face tribulation or persecution because we did not give enough place for the Word to get deep-rooted.

The right place for the seed:

Sometimes the soil seems to be good for plants. But it already has some thorns. When seeds on sown on such thorns, the seeds do not allow the plant to grow instead it chokes them. In the same way when we give place for worldly things and we become unfruitful because we choke the Word with our worldly desires. We know how Samson who had a calling fell, just because he gave place for worldly desires. 

The seed should be fruitful:

Will the soil which doesn’t have stones or thorns be fruitful? For the seeds to grow, first the soil should be plowed. And it should get enough water, air, and sunlight. A seed grows into a plant and then into a tree and becomes fruitful when it has all these supporting systems. How supportive are we to grow as we receive the Word?

Just like how soil has to be prepared before a seed is sown, our hearts also should be prepared while receiving the Word.

Dear God,
Prepare my heart to be fruitful as I receive Your word today. Amen.