What is precious?

Today’s verse: Matthew 23:39

… ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD.”

Scripture: Matthew 13:44 – 58

We can see in our daily lives how hard we struggle to own something precious. Here Jesus explains what the kingdom of heaven is through things that we deal with in our day-to-day lives. The separation of fishes from the dragnet is compared to the end days of the world (verse 47 to 50). Buying a piece of land for the treasure hidden in it and selling all that one has to buy the precious pearl explains how important it is to seek the kingdom of heaven. Let us see the four stages to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Seeking for pearls (verse 45): 

Most of us have a higher goal and we strive hard to reach that goal. We spend all our time and resources on attaining it. It is important to spend our time, resources, and hard work for the kingdom of God in the same manner.

Finding the pearls (verse 44,46):

Finding something precious gives great joy. We put in all our efforts to find such precious things. In the same way, when one finds Jesus Christ as a God who blesses our lives, he/she finds great joy.

Selling all that we have (verse 46):

Just like how a person sells all that he/she has to buy the precious pearl or a treasure, whoever decides to follow Jesus has to sacrifice a lot of things (Philippians 3:4-16). We should leave all the unhealthy habits and unhealthy friends and submit every part of our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. This may seem like a struggle in the beginning but it will give a great joy at the end.

Buying the precious thing:

Just like how a merchant makes a strong decision to buy something that he needs, we should also make a strong decision to follow Jesus. When we submit ourselves completely to Jesus Christ and accept Him as our savior, His love and power will flood our hearts. 

Ask yourself what sacrifices you should make today to live a life with Jesus?

Dear God, I submit myself completely to do anything for You. Amen.