Trade Fear for Courage

Fear digs its claws in deep and shakes you to the core. It’s debilitating. It affects your heart, mind, body, and soul. Fear isolates and robs us of courage. Fear convinces us of the worst possible scenario. Fear destroys us.

But guess what? Fear is a liar! God is bigger than our fears. God is bigger than any opposition. God is bigger than anything we will ever face. He is a constant companion, able to replace our fear with courage. A 2019 study shows 91% of fears DON’T COME TRUE. Your worries and your reality are two very different things!

We fight feelings of fear with praise. If we commit to rely on the Father when fear grips our hearts, to praise Him through our fears, we rely not on our own strength to get through fearful times, but the mighty hand of God. No matter the fear, real or perceived, rational or irrational, the truth sets our feet (and faith) on solid ground.

Pray that Christ would give you a fresh perspective and protection from festering fears. Trust that God is a mighty God and He will replace your fear with faith.