The lifestyle of a Christian!

Today’s verse: Luke 18:22
…Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”

Scripture: Matthew 6:16-23

In this passage, Jesus explains to us how a Christian should be in his day-to-day life.

How to fast? (verse 16-18):

When we fast and pray it helps us to winch up the standard of our prayer life and refine the visions of our prayer life. Jesus did not warn about fasting and praying. But He instructs us not to advertise when we fast and pray. Jesus us the people who try to get appreciation from people by publicizing it, with a sad countenance. Jesus expects us to have a happy face while fasting.

Where to save your treasures? (verse 19-21):

We are all concerned about our future. This concern should always be connected to our eternal life. Our savings should make us deserving eternal life. Because all the worldly things we save will fail us at some point. God did not tell us that it is wrong to earn money and save it for our needs. But if our thoughts are always upon it, then we will be disappointed. Also, we will not desire to seek God as well.

A clear eye (verse 22-23):

To have a clear vision we need a clear eye without any defects. The right vision will help us to lead our lives on the right path. If the eyes that give light are defective it affects our whole body. Just like how our eyes are important to our body, it is also important for our vision about life. A wrong vision will lead us to wrong actions and we will lose the light in our life and walk in darkness.

Today, take time to analyze the difference between the worldly lifestyle and the lifestyle of a Christian.

Help me to live with a consciousness that I am a citizen of heaven. Amen.