Qualifications for the heavenly life!

Today’s verse: Matthew 7: 14
…narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-14

To take part in the heavenly kingdom should be our first desire of life. In this passage, Jesus teaches us about our intentions towards others and the way we judge others. He does so to qualify us to the heavenly kingdom. (Make sure to read the scripture portion before you read this!)

Scan yourself (verse 1-5):

The one who judges should have a balanced mind and the skill to examine situations in detail. On top of that, Jesus explains to us, how important it is for us to be without blame and be righteous before we judge others. Judging innocent people will bring pitfalls in our lives. So be careful before you judge someone today. Judging rightly will place us in the right place. Make sure before you judge someone, you don’t have any flaw in you. Do not make ignorance lose the value of holiness (verse 6).

Seek God (verse 7-12):

Ask, seek, knock – these are the ways we use to convey our needs to God. As a child when you approach your Father, He will grant you the good things at the right time without fail. Also, note that Jesus denotes worldly father as evil. By this, he reminds us not just to extend our hands to the small circle of our own family/children but also to extend our hands to those who are in need.

Choose the narrow gate (verse 13-14):

There are many options and opportunities available for us to choose the harmful ways. They entice you in all possible ways as we read in Proverbs 1st chapter. The end result of it is not something we desire for. But when we choose the narrow path, the helping hand of the Most High God will hold us and show us the way. The end result of it will make us rejoice. Verse 14 says that only a few choose the narrow gate. Are you one among those few?

Today take time to examine yourself and correct your path to reach the heavenly kingdom. 

Help me to overcome the obstacles with Your grace and reach You, in the path You show me. Amen!