Prayer and Praise!

Prayer and Praise!

Today’s verse: Proverbs 8:17

I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.

Scripture: Psalm 57

What will be one’s mindset when he/she is trying to save his/her own life? David was in such a situation and he sings this Psalm in such a situation. As we read the passage we can see David doing two kinds of prayer here. They are:

1. Emotional prayer: (verse 1 – 6)

David’s attitude was not like “Let me try telling my needs to God if I am lucky enough I will receive it from him”. Rather we can see him pouring out his emotions in this passage. The line ‘My soul is bowed down’ in verse 6 depicts David’s emotion. Sometimes when we are emotional we seek people’s help. But instead of seeking people or exhibiting our negative emotions like anger, and revenge, we should try to demonstrate our hope in the Lord. If you read from verses 4 to 6, David informs God about the actions of his enemies and he desires for God to be glorified. No matter how emotional you are because of the situations you are going through. You should never pray to God without trusting Him. Because our prayer is activated only when we trust Him. Trusting God with your prayers is the key to receiving answers to them.

2. Praising God wholeheartedly: (verse 7 – 11)

We can see the answers to four questions in this passage. 1. How? Just like how you prepare yourself before meeting a person on what to talk about and how to talk, you have to prepare yourself before praising God. Preparing yourself here means preparing mentally by decluttering everything else that has occupied your mind. 2. When? I see some people praising God only when they want to sleep. They say that they feel sleepy when they start to praise God and that gives them a good sleep. No. It is not like that. Praising God wholeheartedly means to praise God actively. When you truly praise God you won’t feel like sleeping. Rather you would want to praise God more and more for the good things He has done in your life. It is likable to praise God early in the morning. 3. Where? Observe verse 9. David says that he will praise God among the people so that He will be glorified by people who see him praising as well. So keep praising God not only when you are alone but also when you are at your workplace or when you are hanging out with your friends. 4. Why? David wanted others to know how good God is to him. God’s word and His grace are higher and of great reverence. Praise God not only for the good things you have received from him but also when you feel lonely, depressed, or when you are going through a challenge. God will help you overcome it.

It is ok even if your entire prayer is only praising God.

Give me a good heart to love You, trust You, praise You. Amen!