Praise God alone!

Today’s verse: Psalm 65:11
You crown the year with Your goodness,
And Your paths drip with abundance.

Scripture: Psalm 65

This Psalm is considered to be sung during prosperity after a drought or famine when the festival of Tabernacle or the festival of harvest takes place. This Psalm is more like praising God than thanking God. Let us see the reasons for which David praises God.

For His forgiveness (verse 1-4):

Although we all have a nature of sin within us, God forgives our transgressions. God gives answers to the prayers we did long before. God answered David’s prayers and David pays his vows to God (verse 1). The line ‘to You all flesh will come’ in verse 2 refers to how the sin is widespread on the earth and how His forgiveness is also widespread. As we have received forgiveness from Him, we are also bound to forgive others in our lives.

For everything is His creation (verse 5-8):

God has authority and power over all the creations because it is He who created all of them. That is why even the roaring sea obeys Him (Mark 4:35-41). The people who tend to create problems are muted. The mountains are made stable. God is the hope for all beings on earth. Nature obeys His mightiness and works accordingly. This Creator – Our God is righteous. Let us also submit ourselves to His authority.

For He maintains everything (verse 9-13):

He waters the earth and enriches it with rain. The river is full of water (verse 9). The dry crops flourishes. He crowns the year with His goodness (Isaiah 55: 6-13). Because God blesses all the beings on earth with such prosperity, David is satisfied and he praises God. When we live according to the will of God, He makes sure to meet our spiritual and physical needs and makes us flourish.

We should praise God not only for his goodness in our lives but also for his mighty power. 

I praise You with a grateful heart for Your forgiveness and protection in my life. Amen!