Law? or Human?

Today’s verse: Matthew 12: 18

“Behold! My Servant whom I have chosen,
My Beloved in whom My soul is well pleased!
I will put My Spirit upon Him,
And He will declare justice to Gentiles.

Scripture: Matthew 12:1-21

Today’s passage teaches us how to face opposition, accusations, and questions about faith in God.

The accusation of the Pharisees (verse 1-8):

The Pharisees had exaggerated the commandment – Keep the Sabbath day holy and they had created many small laws from it (Matthew 23: 1-24). And they started making false accusations based on those laws. But the reply of Jesus was thought-provoking based on the Bible.

1. King David filled his hungry appetite with the consecrated bread while escaping from Saul. But God did not get angry with him.

2. According to the law of priests, the priests are blameless even if they don’t rest in the temple on Sabbath (John 7: 22,23). That is even if they consider the Sabbath day as just another day, they are blameless (verse 3-6).

Of all the sacrifices, God desires only mercy. If we realize that we will not blame others.

The devious question of Pharisees (verse 9-14):

Pharisees considered healing on Sabbath day as work. But Jesus replied patiently. Jesus explains that it is important to do good or to heal even on a Sabbath day through a day-to-day example. He healed the man who had a withered hand by explaining man is more important than any other animal (verse 13).

Jesus’ deed (verse 15 – 21):

Jesus acted according to the needs of the people who came to him. He did not do anything on His own. Rather He did things to fulfill everything that was prophecized about Him. He performed according to what Isaiah the prophet had told (Isaiah 42:1-4). So He proclaimed that the Gentiles will trust Him (verse 21). The comforting word that Jesus gives for those who are broken and burdened is that – Jesus is righteous and loving One.

The world might accuse us as sinners. But it is God who helps us to break the sin.

Turn me into a channel of blessing through which Your love and mercy reaches people. Amen.