God, who listens!

Today’s verse: Matthew 21:9

… Hosanna to the Son of David! ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Hosanna in the highest!”

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-17

Imagine the richest man like Billgates asking an ordinary middle-class man if he needs something from him. But God, who is the richest of all, asks us for something. Let’s see what they are!

To be useful for God (verses 1-11):

It was a tradition to make the one who is anointed as King sit on a donkey and go for a procession (1 Kings 1:32-40). Here to make Jesus Christ journey as a King, a donkey is loosened (Luke 13:10-16). It testifies that Jesus is the King. In the same way, our lives also should be useful for God. If we accept Him as the King and be useful for Him, we will be lifted up one day!

To guard our holiness (verses 12,13):

Jesus was troubled to see the house of prayer being turned into a den of thieves. It is not right to have worldly business in a place where we worship God. Business is done with profit intention. In that case, our heart, which is a dwelling place for God (1 Corinthians 3:16,17), should not give place for any emotions or purpose that gives importance to worldly desires.

To be accepted (verses 14-17):

When the church was cleansed, blind and lame came to church in search of Jesus and received a new life. Our lives should stop the poor and the needy from coming to church and worshipping Him (Matthew 18:6-9). All our worldly desires should be eliminated from us.

If we lead a holy life, God will use us for building His Kingdom.

Dear God,
Cleanse me to carry You in me and show the world that you are the King of Kings. Amen.