Eve was the last creations of God. She was the first woman in the world. Mother of all living beings. She had no childhood, mother, father, relatives, etc., She got married immediately after she was created. She was easily deceived. She ate the fruit that God told her not to eat. She tempted her husband to sin as well.


1. She was created equal and as a partner to man.

2. She walked with God along with her husband.

3. Although she was driven out from Eden and bore children with pain, she accepted them as a gift from God. (Genesis 4:1,25)

4. She repented after being driven out from Eden. (Genesis 3:20; 4:1-4,25)


1. She believed the words of the serpent.

2. Disobeyed God.

3. Tempted her husband also to sin.

4. Blamed the serpent instead of realizing her mistakes.


Place: Eden, Outside Eden.
Husband: Adam.
Children: Cain, Abel, Seth, and many sons and daughters.
Death: Not mentioned in the Bible.

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