David supplicates

Today’s verse: Psalm 71: 6

By You I have been upheld from birth; You are He who took me out of my mother’s womb. My praise shall be continually of You.

Scripture: Psalm 71

(Make sure to read the Scripture passage mentioned above, before reading the blog)

Although David crossed his youthhood and became old, he never stopped praying or praising God. Today’s passage is a prayer of David in his old age!

He remembers and pleads (verses 1-8):

David remembers how God saved Him and How God was his rock, tower, and refuge (verse 3). He pleads to God keeping in mind how God held his hand since the day he was formed in his mother’s womb (verse 6). Just like how God saved him at his young age (1 Samuel 23:15-29), he pleads with God to save him in his old age as well.

He pleads to God not to let him go (verses 9-13):

He depends on God and pleads with God to save Him from all the health issues he faces as he becomes old. He learns that his enemies gather and talk against him and pleads with God (Isaiah 37:8-20). Although he faced a lot of trouble even at his old age, he never gave up on his faith. Do not cast me off (verse 9), do not be far from me (verse 12) – we can the depth of his prayers in these words.

He prays with praises (verses 14-24):

David with his faith praises God for His salvation, His power, His mighty works, and all that He taught Him from his childhood (Psalm 119:71). He pleads to God to continually do wonders in His life and not let him go. From verses 20 to 24, David praises God with all his trust in Him.

It is a great experience to remember God’s goodness while praising Him.

Dear God,
Help me to remain in the faith that you are my deliverer at all times. Amen!