The first man to be born on earth. The First murderer.


He offered sacrifice as per his parents’ advice. 

He requested God to save him from his enemies and the people who would find him. And God listened to him and answered him.


He was a wicked man (1 John 3:12).

He failed to offer sacrifices that would please God.

Even after God advising him, he did not obey.

He murdered his brother because of his jealousy and anger.

When God questioned him about the murder, he answered as if he doesn’t know anything about it.

In the end, instead of asking forgiveness, he only asked for security.

Other details:

Places: Outside Eden.

Parents: Adam and Eve.

Siblings: Abel, Seth, and many more brothers and sisters.

References: Genesis 4: 1-17; 24-25; Hebrews 11:4; 1 John 3:12; Jude 11.

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