Blessed be God

Today’s verse: Psalm 66:20

Blessed be God,
Who has not turned away my prayer,
Nor His mercy from me!

Scripture: 66

David who had to endure a lot of pain and trouble kept praising God. The last verse in this chapter ends with the statement Blessed be God. When we question the verse why we get the answers for it. Let us see the answers to it.

He is magnificent – Make His praise glorious (verse 1-4):

David calls us the praise God’s majesty with songs (verse 2).

His magnificence is
1. Found in His creations (verse 3)
2. Found in His mighty power (Exodus 15:1-18)
3. Known by every creature on earth (verse 3)

Even the enemy knows His power and is silenced before Him. The ones who don’t know God sing praises for Him when they accept Him. Then how much should we all sing praises for him?

He works – Come and see (verse 5-12):

We can see the mighty works that God did amongst the Israelites in these verses. 

1. He turned the sea into dry land.
2. His eyes observed them (verse 7)
3. He did not allow their feet to be moved (verse 9)
4. He brought the ones who went through fire and water to rich fulfillment (verse 12)

David calls us to come and see the God who did such might work!

He deserves our praise – Come and listen (verse 13-20):

David says that God deserves all the praises hence I will pay Him all the offerings (verses 14,15). He doesn’t hear the iniquities of a heart (verse 18). He listens to our prayers (verse 19). He is merciful (verse 20). Nobody else in this world has these qualities other than our God. Knowing this truth, isn’t it important to make others listen to His glory?

What is your reason to praise God today?

I praise you for your magnificence and mighty power. Amen.