The miracle of Jesus

Today’s verse: Matthew 12: 33

… a tree is known by its fruit.

Scripture: Matthew 12: 22-37

People out of jealousy instead of appreciating the good works, sometimes talk bad about it. In today’s portion, we can see what the people and Pharisees said seeing Jesus doing miracles and what reply Jesus gave them.

Claims of men:

Jesus healed a demon-possessed blind and mute man. And the blind man both spoke and saw. People were amazed and said, “Could this be the Son of David?” In those days, since Roman spies were amongst them, they used the term Son of David to denote Messiah and they were amazed. Yet they said this just because they saw Him do a miracle. How little their faith is! On the contrary, Pharisees addressed Him as Beelzebul – the ruler of the demons. They said this out of jealousy because they couldn’t accept Jesus doing things higher than them. Even today we see a lot of people who try to get good names by talking ill about others. Today Jesus is asking you, who am I to you?

Claims of Son of Man:

We see Jesus replying in detail to what the Pharisees claimed. Let see what kind of words were the words of the Pharisees:

  1. Reasonless words (verse 24): There were no reasons or signs or actions related to it, to call Him Beelzebul.
  2. Words of Blasphemy (verse 31): It is clear that those words came out from the mouth of Pharisees to belittle Him.
  3. Hostile words (verse 32): Since there is no forgiveness for the words spoke against the Holy Spirit, these words seem to bring punishments. 
  4. Vain words (verse 36): The words of Pharisees in verse 23 will never elevate the faith or belief in anybody. 

We are accountable for the words we speak and we will have to answer for our words on the day of Judgement. Just like how a tree is known by its fruit, the way we live is a testimony of our life (verse 33). Our words will expose us (verse 37).

Who is Jesus for you? And who are you in the sight of Jesus?

Help me to know You more and live a life that doesn’t hurt You. Amen.