The Chief Priests – Part 2

Today’s verse: Matthew 21:42

¯… ‘The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone, This was the LORD’S doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?

Scripture: Matthew 21: 33-46

(Make sure to read the scripture mentioned above before reading the blog)

Jesus narrates this parable to tell about the chief priests and the Pharisees.

They were cruel:

How much money, time, and work one has to invest to create a garden! A landowner spent a lot of money and put all his hard work into planting a vineyard and leased it to vinedressers. But the vinedressers took advantage of it and seemed to be of no care. They were given many chances (Jeremiah 7:25-26). But they did not make use of it. God sent many prophets. But the Jewish leaders killed many of them. They hardened their hearts. They did more evil than their fathers. Remember, if we harden our hearts and disobey the word of God even after knowing It (Proverbs 29:1; Jeremiah 16:11-13), we are also evil in the sight of God.

They considered Him as meager:

The vinedressers killed not only the servants but also the only son, the heir. They took him and cast him out of the vineyard and killed him. They did not fear the landowner. In the same way, the Jewish leaders considered Jesus of nothing and killed Him (Matthew 27:37-44). Even today we see many Christians who consider God, His works, and His miracles as nothing, right? Where do you stand in this?

They rejected Him:

The Jews did not accept Jesus but rejected Him. Although Jesus was rejected, in the end, He has become important in our lives. Do we realize His greatness in our lives? (Philippians 3:10-11). He is the best in the world. But it is worrisome and burdening to see many rejecting Him. Remember, He was, He is, and He will be the cornerstone in our lives.

Examine yourself – What place do you give for Christ in your life?

Dear God,
Help me to give You the first priority in my life and to obey You all the time. Amen!