The chief priests – Part 1

Today’s verse: Matthew 21:22

“And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Scripture: Matthew 21: 18-32

(Make sure to read the scripture passage mentioned above before reading the blog)

Although Jesus was born as a jew, He was not accepted by the jews. Jesus points out about them through few incidents.

Fruitless life (verses 18-20):

Fig tree denotes Israel. Jesus curses the fig tree since it did not give any fruit (Isaiah 5:1-7; Hosea 9:10). Although they could be proud that they are chosen by God, they did not have any of His nature. They were supposed to be a blessing to others but they were a stumbling block. They did not accept Jesus who came as the Messiah. Because of this, they will have judgment. If we live a fruitless life like them, we will also be cursed! We should remember that we are chosen and we are supposed to be a blessing to many!

Questioning about the authority (verses 23-27):

The chief priests asked a question mockingly in order to find a fault from Jesus (Luke 20:19,20,40). Jesus instead of giving the answer made them think and realize. Since their intention was to find fault they weren’t able to learn the truth or to answer Him. Just like how they were given the authority as a chief priest (Acts 4: 5-12) they must have imagined that someone must have given Him the authority as well.

Disobedient life (verses 28-32):

Jesus comes up with a parable to answer the chief priests who did not answer Him. Jesus loved the sinners, tax collectors, and those who went astray because they repented from their sinful lives. But the Pharisees and scholars acted as if they were devoted to God and listened to the preachings of John the Baptist but did not have true repentance (Matthew 23:37-39). Remember we live a disobedient life when we keep listening to sermons, read the Bible every day and still lead a sinful life!

A fruitless life stops us from entering the kingdom of heaven. Examine yourself and correct when you go wrong!

Dear God,
Help me to obey You and live a fruitful life. Amen