Scripture: Exodus 3:1-12; Psalm 119:18

Early this morning, I was at my mom’s place. A beautiful sunrising scene was visible through the windows of the house. But I was so busy doing my work that I did not enjoy the scenery. I thought of our plans for the day instead of enjoying the scene. Later, I realized that I missed an opportunity to praise God for His creation.

There are a lot of moments to enjoy in nature amidst our busy work or a stressful day. In life’s race, we get to see God’s excellence here and there as a snapshot. In this vast world, all these reveal the hidden heaven. But how good it will be if we take the time to stop by and think deeply about the love of God.

What could have happened if Moses passed by seeing the bush burning without noticing that it was not getting burnt up? (Exodus 3:2). We know that he was busy taking care of his herd. But if he hadn’t noticed that strange sight, he would have missed seeing the living God face to face. He wouldn’t have created the epic (verses 4-12).

At times we may feel like we need to hurry in life. But considering everything, we need to slow down in life and take a sight at nature. Life is all about today. It is about realizing that God’s love is revealed over every hindrance. It is about taking a deep insight into the sunrise. It is something that will pass by. Yet it is a sign of our everlasting life that we are hoping for.

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