Save me, O God! – Part 1

Today’s verse: Psalm 69:18

Draw near to my soul, and redeem it; Deliver me because of my enemies.

Scripture: Psalm 69:1-18

David, who encountered problems after problems, talks about the problems he faced in this Psalm (2 Corinthians 11:23-28). When he realized that all the problems he was facing were a punishment for his mistakes he started to confess his mistakes and sought God’s help.

I have no strength (verse 1-3):

Troubles make everyone stumble. Even Elijah who was brave and mentally strong stumbled when he faced a problem (1 Kings 19:1-14). David also is in such a situation. I am weary… My throat is dry… My eyes fail… all these words explain to us the depth of the pain he is enduring. If you are drained facing problems after problems just look unto God and seek His help.

I am hated (verse 4-6):

More than physical pain, he was troubled because of all the false accusations. We know that people hated even Jesus without any reason. We get mentally disturbed when people blame us and accuse us of no reason. How did David overcome this worst scenario? Verse 6 answers that! Let not those who seek You be confounded because of me, O God of Israel.

I am condemned (verse 7-12):

He tells God about all the condemnation he is going through especially when he worships God, fasts and prays, and gets involved in spiritual activities. All these condemnations come not from enemies but from his own family (John 1:11; 7:5). Is it right to go away from God when people make fun of our prayers and involvement in all spiritual activities? It is not good it leaves God because of God!

I need Your help (verse 13-18): 

We should stop blaming God for all the problems we face and seek His help. God wants us to pray continuously without giving room for any weariness (Luke 18:1-8). Whose help do we seek?

Remember, we should seek only God during our problems.

Dear God,
You know my pain. Deliver me. Amen!

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