Save me, O God! – Part 2

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Today’s verse: Psalm 69: 33

The Lord hears the poor, And does not despise His prisoners.

Scripture: Psalm 69: 19-36

Although we live with emotions like bitterness, anger, disappointment, pain, etc., we should never give up in praising God. We can see in today’s passage how the Psalm is started with lamentations and painful words but ends with praises.

David’s pain (verses 19-21):

David was shattered by the problems his friends kept creating. His pain increased as he felt shame and dishonor from his friends. Friends, those who had to help him, betrayed. Jesus also was troubled like David (Matthew 26:55,56). But remember God is able to help us in the midst of all such pain and troubles we face (Hebrews 2:18; 4:15,16).

David’s prayer (verses 22-28):

When we have bitterness towards people, we tell it to them and get relieved from it. But David did not waste his time by sharing his problems and bitterness to people. Instead he shares it all with God. He always had a thought that he doesn’t have any rights to punish the one God created. So he always submits his problems to God and He takes care of it. 

David’s assurance (verses 29-32):

David seems to be confident and assured rather than to feel discouraged (Job 1:20-22). We see his assurance in verse 33. David also says that if God delivers him, people around him will also start to trust God (verse 32). David shows us an example by depending on God in spite of disappointments and bitterness.

If the problems that we face separates us from God then our salvation isn’t complete.

Dear God,
Let my faith in You multiply by Your grace. Amen.