Ruth at Boaz’s field!

Ruth at Boaz’s field!

Scripture: Ruth 1:19-2:7

In today’s scripture portion, we read about Naomi, who went on her own ways, and Ruth, who chose God’s ways. 

Naomi returned to Bethlehem: 

Naomi, who went to Moab with the whole family, now returns to Bethlehem alone. Going against God’s will narrowed her life (Luke 15:13-16). Without realizing her mistake, she blamed God, saying He had filled her life with bitterness and made her return empty (Job 1:20,21). With disgust, she said that she was not sweet (Naomi) anymore but bitter (Maara). So she returns to Bethlehem with a heart filled with hatred and sorrow because of the loss. How happy one should be about coming to the place where God dwells (James 4:1-3). If we go to God’s presence with hatred, feeling bored about life, our prayers will not go above the roof of our house!

Ruth at Boaz’s field:

  • She went with permission:

    A new place, new people, and new circumstances. She didn’t stay idle, saying I don’t know anyone here. Instead, she was very active. She took permission from her mother-in-law to gather grains. Naomi’s reply, “Go, my daughter,” shows her love for Ruth.

  • She heard words of blessings:

    It must have been hard for her to listen to words of love and blessing in a sinful place like Moab. But in Bethlehem, he started hearing words of blessings repeatedly.

  • She stayed:

    Boaz’s servant said she had been here from morning until now (Numbers 22:21-35). Ruth did not go to Boaz’s field, thinking she would get something good there. Verse 3 says that she happened to come to his field. When we stay in a place where God leads us, it will enable God’s will in our lives. 

Naomi chose her own path, and Ruth chose God’s way. Are you like Naomi or Ruth? What have you chosen for your life? 

Dear God,
Help me to be like Ruth, choosing Your way over everything and receiving Your blessings in my life. Amen.

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