Although he was born in a family that was God fearing, he faced troubles since he chose something that attracted him, instead of praying and being humble.


He followed the true God when he realized that his relative (uncle Abraham) chose to follow the true God – Yahweh.

He welcomed and showed hospitality to those who came to his house.

Believed in the words of the angels and obeyed them.

He was one righteous man burdened by the sin that prevailed in his city.


He chose the place that attracted him because of his selfishness.

His two daughters seemed to have learnt the sins from the people in their city and followed it.

Since Lot’s wife desired for worldly possessions, she turned into a pillar of rock. This is a warning to all of us.

Other references: 

Places lived: Ur, Haran, Moreh, Bethel, Egypt, Sodom.

Father: Haran

Relatives: Abraham, wife and two daughters.

References: Genesis 11:27-14:16; Deuteronomy 2:9,10; Psalms 83:8; Luke 17:28-33; 2 Peter 6-9.

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