Life of a disciple – Part 2

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Today’s verse: Matthew 10: 20
“For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.

Scripture: Matthew 10:16-33

In today’s passage, we read Jesus’ advice and encouragement for His disciples who were about to start their gospel trip.

Life of cautiousness (verse 16-20):

The word men in verse 17 refer to those who do not rely on God. Jesus tells them to be aware of these men who will make the disciples suffer, deliver them to false investigations and false accusations. In times like these, we have an assurance that the Holy Spirit will lead us in what to do and how to speak. At the same time, it is important to have Jesus as our role modal (Isaiah 53:7-9). He calls us to be harmless and humble like a dove and wise as a serpent in identifying the enemies.

Life of opposition (verse 21-23):

Until Paul accepted Christ as his savior, all the Jewish leaders were very supportive of him. But when he accepted Christ and started following His footstep they all turned out to be his enemies (Acts 21: 27-31; Micah 7:6). People drove out even Jesus from their villages although He was doing only good for them! When you submit yourself for God’s ministry, you might get opposition from your parent or wife or relatives or friends. Just because we are facing opposition we shouldn’t lose the eternal blessing that is awaiting us.

Life of boldness (verse 24-33):

Thrice in this passage, Jesus stresses the disciples not to fear. Although we face persecution and opposition because of discipleship, there is no need to fear it. Jesus also had to take mocking words and false accusations (Matthew 27:47-49). He is able to help us. Satan troubles the ones who fear more. Let us be bold in Christ and appose satan and all his evildoings against us

The unwanted fear in us will slow up the ministry that we do.

I thank You for the Holy Spirit who dwells in me and helps me to live as Your disciple amid all the sufferings I go through. Amen.

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