Jesus the Healer!

Today’s verse: Matthew 8: 10
…” Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!

Scripture: Matthew 8: 1-17

Among the many incidents in which Jesus healed we see three of them in today’s passage. The approach of the people for healing was different in different scenarios but the healing was sure!

The ousted one was healed (verse 1-4):

In those days, a leper cannot live with his/her family. They were thrown out from the society they lived in. Here we see one such leper approaching Jesus. Maybe, he thought Jesus could also reject him like any other human in his society. So he did not approach Jesus with an entitlement. But he did believe in the power of Jesus. That is why he says, “You can make me clean.” This exhibits his faith in Jesus. And Jesus granted him as per his faith. Not only that, He insisted he follows the law as he was healed. What is the level of faith you have in Jesus today?

The gentile was healed (verse 5-13):

Here a centurion who was worried about his servant’s health approached Jesus. He wasn’t a Jew, yet he believed in the power of Jesus’ Word. Jesus marveled and appreciated the faith of this centurion. Jesus heals his servant because of the words of the centurion. This incident coveys hope to everyone that no matter where we are from, we will take part in the kingdom of heaven as per our faith. Also, here he warns the Israelites who know the truth yet don’t accept Him. Which category do you fall in? 

Healed because of the close relationship (verse 14-15):

Peter, the disciple of Jesus, had a close relationship with Jesus. When He entered Peter’s house before anybody opened their mouth about his mother-in-law’s sickness, Jesus touched her. His touch healed Peter’s mother-in-law. She arose and served them as if she got some new energy in her. When you have a close relationship with Jesus, He will fulfill your needs even before you tell Him. 

We read how Jesus helped everyone with concern. No matter who it was He helped them. We should also have that concern towards everyone we meet in our day-to-day lives. We should strive to help others no matter who they are, what status they possess, and where they come from.

Today take time to examine yourself if Jesus would appreciate the faith you have in Him.

Strengthen me every day through the power of Your Word. Amen!