God, who reveals!

Today’s verse: Matthew 20:34

So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. And immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him.

Scripture: Matthew 20:17-34

Jesus makes a journey towards Jerusalem. This is the last time Jesus travels towards this place. Many did not know it then. In today’s passage, we will discuss the incidents that happened there.

He revealed about the trials and tribulations (verses 17-19):

Jesus revealed everything that is going to happen to His disciples. The world expects to talk about good and happy things. But since Jesus spoke about the trials, even His disciples denied it (Matthew 16:21-23). God revealed to Paul that one has to suffer. Peter reveals to us that we will have sufferings during these tough times. Problems? Suffering? We don’t have to fear because God is with us (John 16:32-33).

He reveals the secret (verse 20 – 28):

The mother of James and John asks for a place for her children in the heavenly kingdom. Jesus says that it is a wrong petition (James 4:1-3) and reveals the secret to attain greatness. See verses 25 and 27. How far today’s world that preaches to take the short route will accept Jesus’ preaching?

He revealed His compassion (verses 29-34):

When the blind men cried out saying, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David!” Jesus revealed His compassion and healed them. This compassion is revealed even today. No matter what needs we have, God helps us without any partiality (Luke 18: 1-8).

We should always have the heart to help others even in our sufferings.

Dear God,
Give me an open heart. Amen.