Are you wandering or worshipping?

Are you wandering or worshipping?

Scripture: Psalm 56

In today’s Bible portion we read what David was doing in the middle of the challenges he was facing. Let us learn few things from his experience.

1. David’s fear (verse 1-4):

We fear when we face problems in our life. Be it a financial issue or a health issue or whatever it may be. Even David feared Saul and escaped from him and stayed in a place called Gad and that is when he was caught by the Philistines, the enemies of the Israelites. But instead of spending his days in fear, David said,

“Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You” (v.3).

We can understand from the Scripture that David’s problems were not a one-day problem rather he was facing problems after problems continually for quite a long period. Trusting God even in the middle of a problem is a great experience.

2. David’s wandering (verse 5-8):

David did not have a place to hide. Because wherever he went his enemies followed him. The ones who gave place for him started betraying him. So he always had to find a new place for him to hide. People kept telling things against David which he never meant to do or say. They kept following David’s footprints to find and kill him. David kept wandering from one place to other. If you are wandering between financial issues, health issues, studies, jobs, etc., let us pray as David did in v.8.

“You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?

3.David’s experience (verse 9-13):

This passage is an answer for what was David’s experience in the middle of trouble, pain, battle, etc., 

  • David believed that God was with him. (v.9)
  • He kept praising God for His promises. (v.10)
  • He trusted God when he was afraid of the people around him. (v.11)
  • He rendered the vows that he made to God. (v.12)
    Let us follow what David did during his tough times.

What are you experiencing today? Is it fear, wandering, or worshipping? Take time in examining yourself.

Dear Lord, 
Thank you for the victory through Jesus Christ. Amen!