A better world!

A better world!

Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-12

I remember reading an American comic strip named Peanuts, written and illustrated by Charles M Schulz, in my childhood. A girl named Lucy in the comic keeps saying with good hope, “How can this world become the worst place when I am here? This world is seeing significant growth since the day I was born!” 

Although Lucy insisted on this untruthful and high opinion about herself, those lines attracted my attention. What if we keep trying to make this world a better place by showing the love of God wherever we are placed?

When Peter wrote his letter to his believers who kept facing trials and tribulations, he ended by asking them to bring glory to God amongst the gentiles through their good deeds (1 Peter 2:12). In other words, we can change this world through our deeds. Think about the difference we can make in this world through Christ’s characteristics – love, mercy, forgiveness, righteousness, peace, etc.; when we live with these qualities, we will be remembered by our colleagues. They will say that “there was a person with these qualities in my organization. Our place will be better if we have more such people in our surroundings.” 

We may not be able to change the whole world as an individual. But with God’s grace and through the changes God made in our lives, we can make a difference in our place.

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