Our Ministry Leaders

Mark Tyler

Mark Tyler graduated from SCC (now Vanguard University). Mark and his wife Patty have been married for 27 years and have six children. He has served as a youth pastor, associate pastor and as Program Coordinator for Orange County Teen Challenge. Mark served 21 years in the Marine Corps and 11 years with the department of Justice and Homeland Security before going into full time ministry.

Mark is now our Director of Development and Missions, assisting Global AIM with development of programs at each ministry location, liaison with ministries in India and coordinating mission trips and outreaches.

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Tony and Zorina Lopac

Zorina, a fourth generation Indian was born in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago into a diverse family where her parents were from different religions.

Zorina was seeking peace and the truth about God when she came across Joyce Meyer’s testimony and received the Lord through one of Joyce’s TV programs. Tony has been involved reaching out to families and children since the past 25 years.

Tony and Zorina have been married since the past three years and have an intense desire to reach the Asian Indian community in Wisconsin with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Jason and Jackie Taylor

Jason and Jackie have been married for 6 years. They worked with Youth With a Mission at Gleanings for the Hungry in Dinuba, California for 5 years. Jackie likes working with languages and Jason likes to work with families.

Both of them were born in California and were both raised in Christian environments. Jason was a child of a pastor and was raised in multiple places in California. Jackie was raised in Kern County, up in the mountains at Lake Isabella, mostly in Wofford Heights.

They have been working with Global AIM since March of 2015 and have taken over as directors of the Bakersfield center.

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David Soudamalla

David is from Hyderabad, India and he has grown to love the Lord since accepting Him at age 12. He moved to the United States in 2005 to pursue graduate studies.

The Lord opened door for Him to minister to the local Indian community at the university and in the community.

David met Simon in 2010 and together they’ve started to reach out to the Asian Indian community in San Diego through monthly fellowships and various events. David also serves as the Business Manager for Global AIM.

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Jean Lee

God started to put in her heart a deep love for the Indians in her community. In 2007 her ministry with the Indians started, when a woman went to her with a big problem – she couldn’t have a driver’s license because she didn’t know how to speak English.
Jean offered to help this woman with her problem… After that, many others came with the same problem… They didn’t know English.

Now, she holds regular ESL classes in her community.

Jean became involved with Global AIM six years ago when she met Simon through some mutual friends. She joined the team in Fresno and has been serving faithfully since then.

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